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    Default Home made stored air cafs

    Does anyone know how or have seen this done. Interested if it is possible, after seeing a manufacturer build one it doesn't seem that difficult.

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    I wouldent attempt it myself. If you really want CAFS, buy a stored air system from Hale. there is a lot of testing and engineering that is involved. You might be sorry if you built one yourself, as you could make the pumper worse.

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    I dont know, looks pretty simple to me. Small size.
    use SCBA tank with regulator, 25-30 gallon tank with water foam solution.
    Make like a water can, should not be a problem.
    We use SCBA tanks for working air, chisles and bags.

    NOTE I said small scale in size.

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    i've got a "small scale" unit i made starting with a water can. I did the appropriate things to set it up for CAFS. Then i spent an afternoon doing some work in the machine shop, drilling and tapping the stainless for an air fitting, and putting a washer and nut on the back side, so that should the threads fail it will still stay put. Then I put it under the bucket of my bobcat and tested it to around 160 PSI or so, with no problems. I then filled the ext full with water, and 12 oz of AFFF. My air source was a 5 gallon portable air tank, 25' hose with quick connects and a 1/4 turn shut-off at the ext. The portable air tank was set at 130 PSI. Hook up the air lines, open the valve, and go to work. with about 4 gallons of water, if i remember volumes correctly, i made 35 gallons of finished foam with a home-made nozzle to adgitate the foam. I have also tested this setup with an SCBA cylinder/regulator and also off of the air brake system on a pumper. Our idea is to mount a 100' air hose/reel on top, mount the ext on the side with the pigtail beside the air outlet. You'd plug in the pigtail, pull the ext, and go.

    This has actually been used on a vehicle fire that occured in front of my house. I saw it, loaded up the extinguisher and pulled out to it, to find a fully involved engine fire, with the hood up. After a few seconds debate as to whether abandon to go get a pumper, or try the ext, a truck checked en route, so i decided to use the ext. Using a little under 1/2 of the extinguisher i knocked down the engine fire, and the extension into the cab and into the pine-straw being hauled in the back of the van. I was sold on it at that point!

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    Works like a charm. Email me if you need more infomation.

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    Talking Oh boy...

    Sounds like a disaster that needs to start with

    "Hey, Cap! Check this out!"

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    Well im glad to here someone is trying to make a CAFS system that doesn't cost the same as a new car! Oh, and for the downer's of a good idea, glad you weren't around when Thomas Edison was alive. Yes when dealing with high pressures and Cafs everyone needs to be careful. But This is the main reason the fire industry in the US is so far behind other nations of the world. "We have always done it this way " thinking.

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    OR more likely: Well chief it's like this . We tried it out behind Joe Bobs barn and it worked real well , but when we tried to increase the pressure it just blowed up and killed Joe Bob and his brother Jim Bob!

    This has nothing to do with refusing to think outside the box of tradition, this is all about the homemade system without proper engineering and testing to safely do the job placing you and your fellow firefighters at risk of injury or death. Are manufactured systems expensive? Some might think so , but the return on your investment will be well worth it. The life you save might be your own.

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