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    Default Revising grants?

    We received a 2005 grant and was awarded 58,000 for ppe, etc. We have done everything our narrative said, and because of some competitve bidding, we have about$5,000 left. Do we have to stick to safety equipment? Do we have to report these changes to FEMA, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,

    Capt. Keith

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    The PG states the following in regards to using excess funds:

    Excess Funds

    Occasionally, due to successful competitive bid processes, some grantees have funds remaining after the completion of their obligations outlined above. Fire department grantees that complete the approved scope of work prior to the end of the performance period and still have grant funds available have three options for the use of the excess funds:

    (1) Grantees may unilaterally use as much as $5,000 to continue or expand the activities for which they received the award. For example, if a grantee received an award for personal protective equipment, the grantee may use up to $5,000 of the excess funds to purchase more personal protective equipment without seeking our approval.

    If you plan on using the excess funds on something other than what you proposed, you best get permission first. I'm not sure if they will approve the change or not, but if you use the excess on something that is not in your proposal or been approved could lead to serious potential problems.

    A rule of thumb; if you are not sure your action is right or wrong, check first. Better to be safe, than sorry later.

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    Keith you may spend up to $5000.00 in cost savings for additional PPE type equipment but, only after you contact your fire program specialist who is assigned to your grant and obtain "written permission" from that person to do so. They will ask you what you want to spend it on and then they will either approve or disapprove the expenditure. They may ask you to file an "amendment" letter deatiling what you are proposing. Be sure you follow up ANY phone conversation with a confirming email and keep copies of that email with your grant file. DO NOT buy first and ask later. Get permission before spending any extra money.
    Kurt Bradley
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