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    Default Scott 4.5 problems

    We've been having a problem with the main supply line that screws onto the bottle coming loose or off. Has anyone else had this problem and what was a remedy. We can hand tighten the connection but it always seems to work it's way loose. We think maybe firefighters aren't getting them tight enough when they switch bottles or the truck's vibration is working them loose. Any thoughts would be great.

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    My FD had the Scott 4.5 for 15 years before we upgraded to the Scott AP50. We never had a problem with the connection coming loose.

    The Scott 4.5/AP50 is also the air pack used by the Massachusetts Fire Academy. The units are used heavily, and there has never been a problem with the connection.

    I would imagine that when doing SCBA checks, someone isn't tightening the connection properly.
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    I have to agree with Gonzo on this. We have been using the 4.5's for years and have made the up-grade to AP50's with all the 2001 updates. We have not experienced this problem. I would check with your vendor (4-Alarm MES, I'm guessing) and see if they have experienced this from other users. The one problem that we have experienced is the bottle leaking by and activating the PASS. This problem is more prevelent in the new carbon fiber bottles with the large knobs. Personnel were not shutting them off completly or they were being bumped and slightly turned on. With a little informal training the problem has gone away.
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    If I had to guess the line is being bumped on the morning checks taking them from the seat. Two departments one with SCOTT and one MSA have both had an occasional fitting loose.
    On every morning check when I look for the bottle pressure I give the fitting a turn to ensure it is tight. I also give it a turn right before turning the unit on, I've never had a problem since.

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