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    Default Welcome To The Playoffs Boys!

    Well Wild cards are done and the superbowl is only 3 weeks away...whose it gonna be?

    The Colts play the Steelers tomorrow, which will make for an interesting game. The Colts are in a slump right now, and the Steelers will have to force Manning to throw the ball away and cause turnovers if they want to win.

    My pick: Pittsburg, but it will be a very close game

    Pittsburg will then travel to Denver, where they will have trouble beating the Broncos at home. It will also be a battle of the back field, but the steelers O-Line will have to defend the blitz very well.

    My pick: Denver, by a touchdown or two.

    Carolina and Chicago...that will be a great game...and all I have to say is go BEARS (All though I'm a huge Denver fan, I gotta cheer for my cousin Kyle Orton!)

    My pick: Carolina by a few

    Carolina and Seattle will be a back and forth game because they are very identical teams, but Seatlle will come out on top in the end

    My pick: Seatlle, by a touchdown or less


    Denver vs. Seattle

    My Pick: Seattle will lead until 4th quarter, but Denver will come back to win it.

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    Denver will whip the crap out of the steelers and seattle will whip the crap out of carolina, and in the end, SeaHawks will be the superbowl winners.
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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    That would be funny if it was Denver and Seattle who only till a few years ago were division rivals.
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