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    Thumbs down News items submitted but not posted

    I have submitted 2 stories for NC news and neither have been posted on the news site. I was wondering what the requirements were to have news posted. I have sent 2 stories, one about a small department losing a young member in an off duty automobile crash, and most recently about an off duty fire medic and his wife that were seriously injured in a gas explosion in their home. I even gave a news paper source for varification. I know they were both off duty incidents, but both had a huge impact on the small departments they served. Just wondering how others get published and some don't.

    On another topic, the featured NC department website has not changed in several months. There are hundreds of departments in NC that have websites that are worth showing to Firehouse.com viewers.

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    We're sorry but we do NOT post non line of duty deaths unless its highly unusual circumstances. There are simply too many and we'd be doing all a disservice if we posted one but not all.

    We also cannot post stories which we do not have permission to do so. In most cases of major stories, if we do not have permission, we try to get it and post if we do.

    Unlike other sites, which simply put up news without regard to copyright laws, we obtain permission or license all stories which appear here. We recieve hundreds of story links, tips, etc. each week and it would be almost impossible to post every story.

    On your other comment, we are retooling the Firehouse Network pages this year and those featured departments will rotate.


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    If a person submits their own pictures and story, does it still not get put up. I submitted a story and phots from Memphis on July 4, and have not heard from the webteam. Can you advise?
    Memphis Fire Fighters Association
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    We get dozens of photostory submissions a day, we can't guarantee that we can use them all or personally respond unless we do. Hope you can understand.


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