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    Default Aerial Ladder Priority in '06?

    Two questions for the gurus of gurus:
    Does anyone know what priority designation Aerial Ladder's will get in '06?
    Does anyone have familiarity with Aerial Ladder narratives/grant writing. If so, please let me know. (Should we get a bid from manufacturers now?) I wrote the successful '05 grant for PPE; yet, I seem out of my league with the Aerial Ladder narrative. We currently have a 1985 85' ladder tower (it is the only aerial ladder in our entire county!!!), so we run the truck to death, and it shows it. It does not have a pump, so we were hoping to apply for the grant citing the lack of a pump as the major concern. Any help from the guru's would be most appreciated.

    Thanks so much- These forums helped me so much with my previous grants!!! Keep up the good work everybody!

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    The program guidance is due out by the end of the month according to my contact at DHS. That will tell you the priorities. As far as a new aerial, are you rural or suburban? That will dictate the size as far as the priority. If you are rural, your best shot is going to be a 75' quint. If you run as often as you say, play it up in your narrative when you write it. DHS loves the mutual aid and interoperability concepts. Guru's, let me know if I am blowing smoke out my you know what but this is what I have experienced and seen. Good luck.

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    Aerials will still be in Priority #1 but, look at the order in which they are listed. It is in the fourth position which means ( and DHS will deny this but the numbers hold out differently) that those listed above them will get priority first. Again, "need predicates award" here. Since they will ask how many 4 story or higher buidlings you have, count on needing at least 10 to get in the higher priority range. A few 100k sq.foot warehouses as exposure should also help. Also don't forget the program guidance adage of "older higher mileage" vehicles will be given preference. My experience is still dictating that they need to be 25 years of age and have 100K to have the best shot at getting awarded. Less mony in the program this year too so it is stillgoing to be very tough. Just my opion but, you asked!
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    Kurt hit a lot of the big points, but it does depend on your situation. Having the only one in the county helps to some extent, but "running it to death" is a relative term. A slow night in my department is 8 runs in a 12 hour shift, and 20 isn't all that odd anymore. (3 stations so not going all nuts).

    I wrote a quint for my department in 2003 that was taken by a major manufacturer, stripped of local info and posted as a template for a "grant truck" they were offering in 2004. But after a slight mention of copyright violations it was removed. So I guess others think it was pretty good anyway.

    Regardless, a proper assessment is in order for vehicle apps of any kind. Trucks are a 1 in 10 shot for any truck. Only 1 in 500 apps (27 awards total in 2005) is over $300K, and only 18 awards were over $500K. Looking at the awards list, you can see what types of departments have been getting the big dollar trucks.

    Shoot me an email and I'll give you a few things to chew on.

    - Brian
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    The guru's are on track, however as we have all learned in the fire service there is an exception to just about every rule.

    A suburban dept near me had an 100ft ladder, about same age +/- 3 years w/o pump and they wrote a great narrative and were awarded 100ft quint.

    You need to stress mutual aid; the more documented formalized plan the better. Hit on personnel saftey, the ability to do more w/less(think St.Louis Quint Concept) and number of sizeable bulidings including 4 story bldgs.
    And as always ya gotta demonstrate the reason you cant pay for it, which the winning dept. did(actually 2 different depts come to think of it)

    Just my thoughts

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    Another thing to notice there is the matching bucks on who's getting what. Most of the matches on the high dollar trucks were 10%, so you're looking at higher population areas. Not all, but most. And mutual aid should be automatic for max benefit. It's the whole package, not just a few close statistics. Next year is different anyway since there will be at least 15,000 different projects being applied for.

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