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    Default GEORGE!!!!! Check this one out!!!

    Hmmm....a touch left of center we'll say.

    May we never forget our fallen, worldwide.

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    Talking Nope.............

    After reading that link, I am not replying to this thread.
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    Default There is more...

    Princeton 'witch' disputes her firing
    Updated: 01/16/2006 06:20:12 PM WWW.KSTP.COM
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    A Princeton woman says she is literally the victim of a modern-day ‘witch hunt’.

    Julie Carpenter says she was fired from her job as a school bus driver and her neighbors are requesting her eviction because of her religious beliefs as a self-proclaimed ‘witch’. Carpenter is the wife of Jonathon Sharkey, a ‘vampire’ who is campaigning for governor.

    "I can't sleep, my appetite's gone,” says Carpenter. “I haven't eaten in a couple of days.”

    Carpenter says she never had a problem with her job until last week, when she mentioned being a witch. She says her employer said she was a great driver. Carpenter had been driving a bus for five years.

    She said she never once discussed being a witch with any children she drove on her bus.

    “I got to know them on a personal level,” she says. “I treated them with respect; my main goal is treat others as you would have yourself be treated.”

    The Princeton school district request that she have no contact with students, and says she is not a role model.

    The district says it can legally request her removal. “We have the right, that if we feel if somebody is not what we want them to be with children, or any other reason, all we have to do is let them know.”

    Sharkey says they plan to sue the district, saying their action is a violation of their civil rights. “I think this was a witch hunt, a lynching,” says Sharkey. “They are appalled at what I am, so they took it out on my wife.”

    Both parties my have convincing cases, attorneys say.

    Civil rights attorney Larry Leventhal says that if the district has “a good faith belief that being a witch involves a complex of actions that puts the children in jeopardy, perhaps they can” dismiss Carpenter.
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    Ah Stayback...

    It's all easily explainable --

    first half of the first sentence of the first paragraph on this link:


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    Not only was this guy born in NJ, the friggin' bus driver is from NJ. There may be something to this, though. Back in the day, I encountered more than one "witch" (if you know what I mean.

    There is one part of this I agree with him 100% on, and so should you.

    "This Country was founded on religious rights and freedoms. This is guaranteed under the 1st Amendment of our great constitution. This right
    allows me to worship Lucifer and the Goddess Hecate, just as it allows you to worship the Goddess/God of your choice."

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    I'm not trying to impose Chrisitianity on anyone; but for those who do practice it, does the term "Anti-Christ" ring any bells?
    Just know, I chose my own fate. I drove by the fork in the road and went straight.

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyingKiwi View Post
    Go put your pussy 2 1/2" lines away kiddies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Explorer343

    By the way KEEPBACK200FEET, you're so dramatic!

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    this guy was on the radio here in KC this morning. He stole the show. We couldnt belive the stuff he was saying. It was just so darn funny hearing him talk about it.
    Your a daisy if you do.

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    "I will not allow the activation of any Minnesota
    National Guard Units to fight in Iraq. I will lobby to
    bring our Guard troops back from Iraq ASAP! I will
    defy President Bush if need be."

    Does he acctually believe that he can do this? The national guard is under the control of the Commander and Chief, the president. Even if he wins election, which is a one in 1000000000(etc ) chance, he would be impeached for about half the things he lists under his agenda!

    what an idiot!
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    Talking WOW!!!Crack Kills

    My first time posting in here, This guy is a freakin NUT! His website was like a train wreck I couldnt take my eyes off. My stomach hurts from laughing at this whack job. I did like the part where he compares himself to Anakin Skywalker...ROFLMAO! GOD Bless our Country!


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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgeWendtCFI
    There is one part of this I agree with him 100% on, and so should you.

    "This Country was founded on religious rights and freedoms. This is guaranteed under the 1st Amendment of our great constitution. This right
    allows me to worship Lucifer and the Goddess Hecate, just as it allows you to worship the Goddess/God of your choice."

    Its a real shame so many people forget that.
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    "No his mind is not for rent, to any god or government"
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