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    Default Minitor 2 Problem

    I was away for a while and i left my minitor 2 in it's charger unplugged. when i got back, i turned it on and as soon as it is turned on it makes this sort of beep that i have never heard before. Whenever i press and release the squelch button, it also makes the same noise. It still activates to tones and i can also hear the dispatcher. It also makes the same noise whenever a transmission is made, for instance, after the dispatch is finished. I replaced the battery to see if that was problem and it made the same noise... The battery i replaced it with was only my spare, it wasn't brand new. does anyone have any idea what this could mean??


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    is it a double high-low tone after every transmission? If so, it sounds like the "battery low" indicator. Turn the pager off and charge fr a few hours, it SHOULD (should being the key word) clear the beep out.
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    I'm almost certain it is your battery low indicator.

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    Ditto to Backdraft. Ya need new batteries.

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