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    Default Residency in NYS

    My actual address is in upstate New York, north of Albany, i am also a student in Syracuse studying fire protection and i wondering if what i have heard about residency is true. Some people told me that for the civil service tests in NYS if you are a student you are exempt from residency requirments throughout the state. Im just wondering if this is so and also if it would be the same with NYC?

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    You don't have to have NYC residency to take the FDNY exam. You do however get 5 points for being a NYC resident but you do have to prove it to get them.

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    Civil Service in each locality follows standards set by the State Civil Service Commission. But....each locality has local rules that usually include unique regulations to that municipality.

    You would be well advised to contact the local Civil Service Commission responsible for the FD you wish to test for.

    Go to the horses mouth and get the straight info.

    Good luck with the classes and “The Test”.

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    Thanks for the help guys, and i will go straight to the civil service orgainzation now. hopefully they will help me out.

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