Some people ask... who is IBN, and what are they about. Well there is a lot about us.

Live Scanner Feeds 24/7 FREE from all over the World.

We use Teamspeak because it uses very litle CPU and bandwith on the
server. Its easy to set up and use for listening and broadcasting.

A server in the Online Broadcasting Industry. We are using TeamSpeak Server Application, - We will also be working on online scanning links and broadcast related information. Also - we are now looking to take applications for new feeds on our server.

We have recorded audio of Police & Fire related incidents. We now have an Incident Photo section up and running providing incident photos from press releases, or user submissions.

We now have an Incident Alert System up and running. We are currently re-building our notification alert areas & will have new subscriptions daily. We are looking for Dispacthers for this system and if you want to become one see homepage for the link. Our Incident Notification System is currently free to subscribe to & receive alerts for the areas you choose.