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    Default Schematics of various tank trailers

    Hi there

    I am trying to put together some resources for our Hazmat Team. What I am looking for is schematics, pictures, etc. of the various common tank trailers (e.g. the MC 407, 412, etc.), along with some variations (e.g. one compartment, two compartments, etc.)

    The hazmat texts I have access to are very basic, and only have simple line drawings of the most basic type of trailer, without much useful information as to guages, emergency shut offs, loading/unloading points. This sort of information has to be online somewhere, but I am having difficulty finding it.

    Thanks for any help
    Stephan Kesting
    Delta Fire Department, B.C.

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    Go to oreis.org and see if you fit the criteria for the operation respond software. it mya have what youm need.

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    Here is something for now, I have to dig into my library to find what I'm sure you are looking for.

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    Thank you for the information. Any other schematics or construction details would be much appreciated - if I end up putting this information together in an easily distributable digital form (Powerpoint presentation?) I'll try to put it online somewhere so it is easily accessible by everyone.

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    BTW - here are some of the other links I've found relating to gasoline tanker (306 and 406) construction/emergencies

    http://www.redhatpub.com/gastank.htm (no idea if this book is any good or not)

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    If you don't have it already, this CD is a nice reference tool.
    Hazardous Materials Guide for First Responders CD-ROM
    It is available for free from the USFA

    Back a few years ago there was a print version of this book available as well. I would look to see what drawings it has but I'm at work and these are in my office at home.

    Also the 2004 ERG is available as a PDF for free from http://hazmat.dot.gov/pubs/erg/gydebook.htm
    Page 19 (in the book) - 21 in the PDF has all the drawings of over -the-road tankers.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    Mike Richardson
    Captain, Training Officer
    St Matthews FD, Louisville KY
    "aka TIman"

    TI Training = www.safe-ir.com

    The information and views above are in no way associated with my employer, and are strictly my own.

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