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    Default Please help me...I want to buy a MP3 player.

    Maybe I should have posted this in the Explorer/Junior section...But anyways, its now time for Bou to buy a portable MP3 player.

    I have my heart set on a Creative Zen, so please do not tell me about the iPod. (I dont care for apple products)

    So- Anyone else own one? Use the car hook up part?

    Like the whole thing?


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    (OOPS - Should have read your post better before I posted )

    I have my heart set on a Creative Zen, so please do not tell me about the iPod. (I dont care for apple products)

    Hey Bou - don't have an Ipod personally, but a few of the guys got one for christmas this year. They love them and from what they have showed me about them, I would probably get one too. I to liked the Zen when I was scoping them out(But now that I am almost doubling my rent it is a pipe dream).
    They really like the attachment to use it through their vehicle stereos.
    I guess it alll depends on what you want out of it, video, slideshows, calendars, download email from Outlook or just music.
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    Bou , does this player use normal batteries? I am not a big fan of the non changable rechargeable batteries.

    I ended up going with an I-river with smaller capacity, mainly because of price. My main problem after that was finding decent headphones that I can use while working out.
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    I have a Zen Xtra and love it. I have had it for about 2.5 years now and still can't fill it up.

    I am also not a fan of apple products.

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    so please do not tell me about the iPod. (I dont care for apple products)
    My only grudge with iPods is what pvfire said, they have a non-replacable batteries. Get a player with replacable batteries because they are cheaper to replace than sending the product back to get a new one installed. No matter how good the battery is, it will die eventually.
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    Default We have one.

    Bought my wife the Zen Xtra 40 GB last Christmas after doing lots of research. She had been obsessed with the Ipod, but I found the Zen had a much higher capacity for much less cash than any Ipod around and had a USER replaceable battery. Add to that the possibility of hacking into it once the warranty expired and dropping in a bigger HD and I was sold.

    I haven't regretted the decision for a second. Sure there are a million cool accessories for the ipod and all you ever read about are ipods, but the Zen has worked flawlessly through a year of heavy use and that's what really counts.

    So go ahead, buy the zen. Be prepared for a little ribbing from ipod nation. But then flash all the cash that you saved by missing out on a little cachet. Oh, and let them listen for a while -- so they can hear the better sound coming out of your Zen than their ipod.

    One catch -- get yourself a decent pair of earbuds. The ones that come with it are cheap trash. Try the Sure E3Cs. They're about $70 and worth every penny. The sound is not that far off from the $500 e5's that are some of the best around.


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    If it's just music that you're looking for, I have the Sony Bean.
    350 songs, 50 hours on a re-charge, fits in the palm of your hand, can take it anywhere and easy to operate.
    Got into it for a hundred bucks.
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