If you had a chance to pick what city to work in as a fire investigator, what city - department would you pick?

I would pick Detroit. According to the Detroit Michigan Crime Statistics and Data Resources, there was a total of 1734 arson fires in 2004. Thats not counting all other accidental fires. I know they have such a back log that the investigators prioritize the fires from arson fires with occupants,injuries,death etc... being the highest priority and fires in abandoned structures being the lowest priority. All firehouses actually have an evidence locker and if an investigator hasnt come to retreive the evidence in a certain amount of time, the firehouse is orderd to dispose of the evidence because the investigators will never be able to work the case because of the case load. I do fire investigations in both the public and private industries and I can never work enough fires. I love the job and the experience you get from every fire is priceless. I would be in heaven working that many fires in Detroit. The Detroit fire investigators need a little more recognition than what they get. Any Detroit guys on this forum?