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    Default Elgin Fire Academy

    Can anyone give any insight or information regarding what to expect at the Elgin Fire Academy?

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    911 N. Sycamore St. Yep, that's really our address.


    I went through it about four years ago for Streamwood. It was an excellent time. You will learn a great deal, and most of the instructors are great. Definately a kick-*** academy.
    Omnis Cedo Domus


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    I went through it in Fall 2002. I too thought it to be a great experience.

    What's important?

    1.) Be on time.
    2.) Don't shy away from doing anything.
    3.) Never make truckie jokes to your ladders instructor until the last day. (AHEM)
    4.) Your helmet might get polished after your burn days if you're cocky.
    5.) Be on time. (We had a guy get booted for tardiness. Oops.)
    6.) Know your stuff cold before final practicals.

    I'm sure I'll think of more. Heck - my name SHOULD be on a plaque on the wall for Academic Excellence or Achievement or something. I somehow managed to graduate #1 in my class (everyone else there must have been slow.) I never saw the thing because it wasn't done when we had our graduation.

    Congrats. Who is the hiring department?

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    I went through Elgin's academy some time ago.

    -The instructors are good.
    -Exam questions are worded like OSFM test questions...you'll be ready for the state test.
    -They don't have PE. (This is also a con.)

    -They can't burn in their tower, because the nieghbors complain. The only live fire training is done on the last week of the academy. They used to use Carol Stream's tower, but we used the tower at Franklin Park. I'm not sure where they go now.
    -They don't have PE. (See above)

    It's a good academy. However, if I could have chosen an academy, I probably would have picked Oak Lawn. I have several friends who went there and they loved it. They do PE everyday and they burn every week, if not more often.

    Congratulations on the job.

    Good luck in the academy.

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    I had a buddy graduate from Elgin's academy 10 years ago and he still rants and raves how well it was. Take it with a grain of salt though, with it being 10 years ago.

    I can speak for Southern Kane's academy. I can't say it was the best, but I didn't think it was the worst either.

    What is the PE that you guys are refering to? Physical Exercise? As long as you don't take fire science through a community college, I think you'll pretty much like any academy.

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