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    Default Rosenbauer Earns Best New Apparatus Award

    I was just looking around on Rosenbauer's web site and came aross this article out of Fire Apparatus magazine.

    It's some good reading for those of you that are in any way interested in high pressure.

    Rosenbauer Earns Best New Apparatus Award

    Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment magazine annually recognizes outstanding design and product achievement during the previous year. In this combined November-December issue we cite innovative and impressive engineering, utility and accomplishment that we’ve covered during the year and, in many cases, examined at trade shows or in the field.

    The 2005 awards are in four categories: Best New Apparatus Model; Best Life Safety or Protective System; Best New Equipment Design; and Best New Apparatus Component System.

    Best New Apparatus Model
    Rosenbauer’s TechDrive ’05 apparatus was a walk away winner in this category, particularly the commercial chassis pumper built on a Freightliner at the Central States division overseen by Harold Boer, president and C.E.O. of Rosenbauer America, and his crew.

    The most remarkable aspect of this unit — which is heavily influenced by European fire service approaches — is its three-stage pump that can deliver low-pressure, high volume and ultra-high-pressure, low volume simultaneously.

    The power take-off driven NH series Rosenbauer pump developed in Europe gives this economy class commercial fire truck pump and roll capabilities, even in reverse. The pump can be midship mounted or rear mounted depending on customer preference.

    A belt-driven, double-acting piston pump primer that runs off the impeller shaft automatically primes without operator intervention. If the pump pressure falls below eight pounds, the primer automatically reengages so the pump never loses prime as long as a water supply is maintained. This feature is something all rural fire departments will find advantageous, especially those that do a lot of drafting or have several pump operators. This pump’s three-stage highpressure design is completely new as far as fire pumps in this country go. It’s like having two separate pumps in one, operating independently.

    Unlike traditional multi-stage pumps produced in the United States, an electrical switch engages a separate, three impeller stage in the ultra-high-pressure section. In this mode the volume side continues to deliver up to 1000 gpm while some water flow is tapped off the intake manifold and run through a separate volute to deliver up to 600 psi at low volumes.

    Rosenbauer Pump

    The Rosenbauer NH-40 pto pump produces 150 psi at 1,000 gpm and the high-pressure section can be set to deliver up to 100 gpm at 200 psi and less with pressure up to 600.

    And when combined with Rosenbauer’s fix mix high-pressure foam proportioning system, the pump feeds a very effective attack line.

    Rosenbauer’s fix mix flow-regulated foam proportioning system is an alternative to more costly foam injection systems, according to the company. The fix mix system doesn’t require any electrical or hydraulic power from the apparatus and doesn’t require calibration.

    Class A and Class B foams of most brands can be proportioned in ratios from .5 percent to 6 percent.

    Loaded With Features

    The special features on this commercial chassis pumper don’t stop with the pump and the foam system. It comes with a SmartPower 8,000-watt hydraulic generator, a Command Light/Knight KL remote-controlled light tower, and a Fire Research 120-volt 650-watt scene light.

    Some of the other features are not quiet as high-tech, but make all the difference to firefighter safety and efficiency. These include color-coded Kochek caps and adapters, vented discharge caps, hinged aluminum hose
    bed cover, booster reel under rightrear cab door, PacTrac tool mounting system, and a rear obstacle sensor with audible warning.

    In August, Rosenbauer introduced a larger pump of similar design, the NH55 with four impellers in the high pressure stage and a 1250 gpm capacity. The PTO drive system offers a lot of flexibility in the body design and functionality.

    The TechDrive ’05 also includes a custom pumper on an all-wheel drive Spartan cab and chassis, built at the General Safety division and a 100-foot, four-section hot-dipped galvanized steel aerial built RK Aerials.

    Both of these engines show innovation, but the commercial pumper gets our award this year as the best uniquely-designed apparatus.
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