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    Question Ladder Co. Ops "walking the rig in"...

    I'm just throwing this one out there for all the career officers and firefighters. What does YOUR officer do when you are arriving at a building/dwelling fire etc. with regards to placement? Do they get out and ALWAYS walk you in to indicate where they want you to place the "stick" (turntable), do they SOMETIMES do it or NEVER do it based on the experience of the driver/chauffer of the apparatus. This obviously always depends on condition's coming in to the scene, SOP's or GOG's regarding placement of apparatus based on type of fire, bldg etc...Let's here those responses...

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    Our SOP's require an area right out front on the address side to be left open for the truck, and for the most part, it is well followed. As far as placement, the FEO will usually spot the truck where they feel it will be best suited. On our truck, I have yet to see the skipper get out and direct. The FEO has been driving this rig for a while and he is darn good at it, lucky for us!
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    I would agree with SPFDRum. Unless there is an obvisous safety concern that I don't see at the driver our Captain doesn't tell me where to park. He feels like I should know my job and part of that is placement of the apparatus, and thinking ahead as to what other resources might be responding. IE do I need to pull past the business or house to leave room for the Ladder and the like. We don't have any SOG's on the Captains getting off the rig.

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    I believe in walking the rig in if the spot isn't immediately obvious. Before committing to a bad spot I'd prefer to see for myself the best position. Garden apartment complexes immediately come to mind.

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