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    On the way to the station. Really. It's 12 kilometers away and there's traffic.

    Default Building fire, 01/23/06, Bragg Creek, Alberta

    At 0800 on 1/23/06 Redwood Meadows Emergency Services was dispatched to a possible building fire at the Camp Cadicasu children's camp in West Bragg Creek. Callers were reporting that the camp's dining hall was possibly involved in fire.

    Crews responding to the station could not see any loom-up when driving past the heavily forested location, but on first arrival, found a 40'x80' timber construction building with a tin roof, fully involved. Extra pumpers and tankers were called in to support the responders from Redwood Meadows.

    Investigations are still ongoing as to the origin, but the natural gas service to the kitchen definitely played a part in fueling the fire.

    While knockdown took several hours, protection of the adjacent buildings and the forest was maintained throughout the incident. A small building being used as an office, 12 feet from the fire building, was untouched.

    No children were on scene at the time of the incident as the camp was non-operational for the winter.

    A total of 3 pumpers, 3 tankers, and one rescue unit attended with 22 personnel.


    EMT-A Scott Pletsch of Cochrane EMS, a former Redwood firefighter, helps Redwood firefighter Brett Leeman connect hose in preparation for the initial attack. (Note the color of the roof compared to the office shack just visible in the left of frame - the tin roof is literally "red hot"!)

    Heavy fire blows out the kitchen part of the building roof as a "Blitzfire" unattended attack monitor is used to put water on the fire.

    The camp building was completely gutted and will likely be a total loss. Some of the painted artworks on the exterior of the building were saved by fire personnel.

    The rear of the building, still burning fiercely, well into the incident. (The glow above the building to the left is the rising sun.)

    Deputy Chief Rob Evans (right) directs Firefighter Brett Leeman (obscured) and Firefighter Devin Teal on a foamline attack on the rear of the building.

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    Default So many memories gone

    Over the last 3 decades, I was fortunate enough to have visited Camp Cadicasu many times. In my youth it was as an army cadet on winter and Chirstmas exercise, and in the last 12 years or so, it was with family every couple of years over the Christmas holidays. It's sad to see a place that was so important to us burn like that... but thankfully no one was injured. We'll always have memories and some pretty great photos to help us with those memories.

    I hope they will rebuild, and the opportunity to form memories in the new building will give many more kids and families joy for many years to come.

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