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    Default The deck gun issue............

    I was personally on a fire that we incorporated this tactic, however we modified it.
    The situation was that as we pulled-up, we could tell we had a garage fire. We were on a 50' quint (I am sure that some ppl think that 50' isn' t a true quint, but try to tell our City Managers that). I spotted at a hydrant (fortunate for us it was right in front of the house), going with a front suction connection, the Captain did his walk around and the FF extended the ladder just a little bit(since it was a farely long driveway).
    Once the Captain confirmed the occupants were out, and the fire was being held in check by the fire rated wall, we opened the ladder pipe. The fire was "browned/blacked out" (whichever your department uses).
    When the second unit was staged and awaiting an assignment, the I.C. (my Captain) instructed them to pull the #1 preconnect (200' of 1 3/4" combat line) for overhaul. When the crew stepped-off the Engine, the look on their faces was priceless..........
    Once the overhaul and additional operations were finished, our department did a post-incident critique. All the members of our department agreed that it was a very good tactical decision. Upon further investigation we found that the fire was originally started from the occupants cooking meth in the garage...... this fact reinforced the tactic chosen.
    Now, we didn' t just wake-up some day and say........ "hey, let' s use the ladder pipe on our next fire." We had trained and became proficient with this tactic, prior to it being used.
    Would I personally employ this tactic again? YES!!!! Was it AWESOME? YES!!!!!
    However, I would not recommend this tactic on all FS. After all, that is why we are called Firefighters.......... we select the appropriate weapon and then bring it to the "beast." Much like a kickboxer does, if he knows that he can K.O. his opponent with a heavy blow, then he (I) will be more aggressive and do it.
    If this is something that your department is looking at, then please do your customers a huge favor and research and train first......... then once all department members are proficient at this tactic, employ it for the appropriate situation.

    Remember: "Be LOUD and be PROUD, it just might save your can at an intersection!!!!!!!!!!!"

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    Default Rapid Attack moniter

    If you use a rapid attack moniter as a primary offensive application, I can see them work. You would set these up inside of an entrance way of a heavy fire load structure, such as a church or large office to PUSH the fire OUT. I definately do not see deck guns being used as anything but defensive in structual firefighting.

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