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    Default Dalmation looking for a new home.

    My aunt and Uncle are lloking for a new home for thier Male Dalmation. They are struggling with thier time with new kids. Would like to know the dog will be well cared for. Anyone interested please e-mail me at ffbasic850@Hotmail.com

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    If I didn't live by myself.. I would have loved to offered to take him off their hands. I lost my "Dal" through my divorce and learned that she went to be at the "Rainbow Bridge" last year. Of course, the "ex" never offered to let me see her during the 11 years after our divorce until she passed on.

    If anyone is interested and has never had one, a Dalmation is a GREAT dog if you are willing to work with them. The more attention you can give them and the more time you can spend teaching them obedience, the better the dog will be. All of the onese I have known were extremely smart dogs. If you don't work with them a lot, they tend to want to jump from activity to activity instead of focusing on one thing. For instance, mine learned to "sit" almost with no effort at all... but if she saw anything that would interest her, she would not "stay" in favor of checking out something else. After working with her more, she would do OK with it. She was by no means dumb, she was just overly curious.
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    Our station dog doesn't have any problem with "staying". She stay's in her bed most of the day. If she's not doing that, she's begging at the table.

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