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    Default Light/Limited Duty

    hey there, hope everyone is havin a good start to 2006....i know i'm not.

    Jan 18, i sustained a blow to the nose, resulting in a deviated septum and some other problems wit my nose. I have to get it surgically repaired on thursday. the Specialist said that i would be unable to make all calls for 2 weeks, then be on limited duty for 2 more weeks. So in all, 1 month of bein off full duty. I'm gonna go stir crazy!

    How have you all handled and medical leave/limited duty time? I might just go and take pictures if we catch anything.

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    Unhappy nose job

    first i want to say good luck with the surgery!

    when its done you will find out you will not want to jump back into anything! its like having a cold rod stuck up your nose. take a break and rehab yourself so there are no complications and you will get back on the job that much quicker. enjoy the down time and read up on some training or whatever, as volunteers we don,t get much!

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