Just wanted to post this and maybe get some Get Well Soon messages added to a post on our fire department website.

Last Friday, January 20th 2006 our Fire Chief Mark Irwin was injured in a construction accident. He fell 25 feet from some scaffolding to the ground and was seriously injured. He shattered his femur in 4 places (which has since been all reconstructed and pinned together), shattered his hip, broke a few ribs, broke his wrist in two places, shattered his kneecap and fractured his orbit around his eye.

I just though it would be great (being the website maintainer) to have mark see a bunch of well wishes on the site when he came home from the hospital. They say it could be in the next week or two, but we know his road to recovery will be long.

Please post your get well messages, your name/department/state etc at

I know our department and Mark and his Family would be grateful.

Garfield Twp. Fire Department