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    Default Cutting the Battery in an Overturned Vehicle

    Just wondering what your departments' policies were in this situation...

    Single overturned vehicle, everyone is out.

    Do you try to force you way through the bottom or side to disconnect the battery or just let the tow company upright the vehicle and stand-by? Thanks in advance for your input & sorry if this is a repeat.

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    Each call would be different for us. I would say the plan would be that if we can get access to the battery safely, we would go after cutting or disconnecting it to reduce the fire hazard. However, if we could not easily and safely gain access, we would assign the engine/rescue to remain on scene until the vehicle is righted and ready to be removed from the scene. At that point, we would leave it up to the wrecker operator to decide what he/she wants to do with the battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 224FFEMT
    Single overturned vehicle, everyone is out.
    I'm assuming everyone/occupants got out on there own, or were helped out before the FD got there.
    Nothing in black & white at my FD, but I would have to say standby and wait until the vehicle is upright. Assuming there isn't any fuel leaking and chance of arcing and sparking during uprighting.
    If it is safe to leave connected, and everyone out, it would be a good time to look and mentally practice identifying the cable(s) and where to cut when overturned.

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    Access if avail, otherwise, just be aware of potential issues, fuel, Live AB's etc..even if the battery is cut, don't ever assume a vehicle to be safe.


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    Access if avail, otherwise, just be aware of potential issues, fuel, Live AB's etc..even if the battery is cut, don't ever assume a vehicle to be safe [/QUOTE]

    Extremely good answer, especially the last statement. Everyone gets tunnel vision. "This vehicle is safe. We disconnected the battery" Wrong!

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    I agree with most, but I am also looking at another thing here.
    the post stated every one was already out, I assume they are alright, now most of us well stand by until the wrecker gets there, per sogs or traffic control, my point we are just standing there, why not use this time to train, Ron done a series on cutting the cables in this situation a while back, why not practice while we have the oppertunity, the next one in this position may demand disconnection. (providing it is safe to do so.)
    Is it time to change our training yet ?

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