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    Default Question for Chicago, Denver, & Austin FFs

    I know there are many posts about carbon hoods. But, according to thefirestore.com Chicago, Denver, and Austin firefighters are issued these PBI carbon hoods. I have just acquired one.

    How do you guys like them? Any problems out of the ordinary? I'm looking for input from Brothers that have used them in the field in real fires, does not have to be extrordinary circumstances, just working fires where you were inside "working".

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    PBI Carbon? Is it a blend?


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    Default better then nomex

    i like the pbi carbon hoods. im on my 3rd. they hold up good. i can still feel the heat. had one fire that flashed and i dident get burned. use mine about every day and would never go back to nomex. so id say use it and if you like it keep it.....

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