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    Default Alpha Paging Help

    I'm looking for a way to send text messages to cell phone devices, as a secondary means of communications. (not NFPA requirements - just for general messages)

    I know I can build e-lists in Outlook; This would require that I have my same computer infront of me, and get's a little confusing with my 300 plus contacts in my email.

    I know with Verizon and Nextel, I can go to their pages and build lists from there, but I'm looking for something that would be easier to maintain when there are changes.

    I found a program called Note Page - their "EXPERT" verisons seem expensive.

    Is there anything out there someone can reccomend? I'm also looking for maybe a web-based program/service too..

    Kevin McManus
    Colchester, CT

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    Most if not all text messaging for every carrier can be done via e-mail. It is just a matter of finding a way to format the message that works well with all the phones and pagers. This is something I am going to be venturing into myself over the next month so I'll let you know what I find out.
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    I am not sure your exact use required but , Valley Shore sends evryone on there list a text message when they tone.

    Example- Killingworth fire gets toned, everyone on the Dept 8 list recieves a text message.

    Also, non emergency info such as apparatus out of service can be texted.

    All done through their CAD program

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    We have Comcast internet at the station and made an email address just for text pages. We can log on to comcast from anywhere, everyone's cell numbers are in the address book and send a text page.

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    We use the NotePager Pro version for the secondary paging. The majority of the departments in the county have SBC paging through a County Fire Chiefs Association agreement with SBC. Yes, i have heard that the "pro" version is a little on the expensive side, you need to look at volume of pages, page quality, etc. We have had very little problems with the program its self, most have been with our connections outside the program.

    As far as the auto paging, that would depend on your CAD software. Where I previously worked our CAD would send an alphie page after the incident was entered. Currently we manually page the departments after toning them out.
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    The center I work in uses InfoRad Wireless www.inforad.com over broadband internet for alpha paging. It's not automatic but very easy to use. I am not familiar with NotePager, but InfoRad allows for grouping and message logging.

    Currently we are paging over most major carriers, (Verizon, Nextel/Sprint, Cingular...) and from individuals to groups (whole departments) of +100.


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