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    Default Apparatus Maintenance

    How does your Dept. do it's apparatus maintenance?
    In-house, outsource or a combination?

    We've been trying to be consistent in sticking to a driver post-run checklist, a pre-trip/weekly/service check and having a go-to guy/coordinator for those pleasent little ugly problems that show their hideous head at the most unexpected moments.

    Reguarly checking tie pressures, servicing and recording trends. Found a tanker had an outboard rear tire needed servicing every so often. Replaced valve stem core, trend continued. Ended up being the tube had a small hole.
    A tire service shop came and changed it out.

    Brake fluid needing topping off every so often ended up being the master cyl leaking at the shaft seal. Leak was hidden due to filling up an interior boot on the firewall and travelling behind the floor matting.
    Done by dept. personel.

    Most recent 'ka-ching' was a rear brake job, which revealed tires that needed replacing. Once the tires were off the rims, bad rust and pitting was found on the center rim section that the tubes ride on. 4 new rims and tires. Tires are now tubeless and the rims are solid, not split/sectional.
    Brakes done by a heavy truck repair shop, tires done by a tire shop.

    Get a mirror in between the rear tie sidewalls on your dualies and inspect reguarly. Don't count on the readily visible sidewalls as an indication of tire condition.

    Got's to love it!
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    We do all our maintenance ourselves. We do have a "Maint. Cordinator" that oversees everything. We do monthlys, like checking all fluid levels, tire pressures, tire condition ect.. We also do anual maintenance, in which we change all fluids and grease all points on the undercarriages. Everything is documented on both the monthlys and anuals. (small rural vollie dept. thats why we change fluids only once a year, low run volume).

    Now if theres anything that is a serious mechanical issue, we cant do that ourselves of course.

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    In my company, we try to do most of the minor repairs in stations. We even have our outside come to station when we can. All other repairs and preventative maintenance are conducted at the vendor's shop.

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    We have personnel specifically assigned to this task. A combination of in-house and outsourcing service is used. For our annual ladder testing, including our aerial, we outsource this to a third party.

    We do have a municipal shop, but we keep our rigs far...far away from them. Last rig we had in that shop, came back with a front bumper lift. They used a hydraulic jack on the front bumper to lift the rig. Yes, the front bumper

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    We use a Cheif Truck Driver to keep track of maintenance and perform it along with selected people.

    Usually the CTD keeps up with the more complicated/involved tasks, while others can take care of the mundane tasks.
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    Our weekend duty crew (3 crews rotate) performs "station maintenance" every Saturday AM. During this time, each Engineer, as well as the FFs who are training to be Engineers, do a full vehicle inspection on each apparatus. We use a departmental form that's based very closely on the California CDL pre-trip inspection with additional firematic items (such as running the pump, exercising the valves, etc.) added.

    Any minor problems that are identified are corrected by the duty crew (things like burnt-out bulbs, minor engine issues, etc). More serious problems result in completion of a maintenance request, and depending on the nature of the problem, the rig may be placed out of service or kept in service until the repair can be scheduled.

    The Public Works department has a f/t mechanic who does the routine service (oil changes, filters, etc.) and can repair some problems (primarily with the standard running gear...engine, brakes, etc.).

    If the repair involves the pump, we'll pull the rig from service and take it to the local apparatus service center. We currently have one rig there right now having several pump repairs performed.

    For our staff vehicles (Chevy Caprice and Suburban), they're usually sent to the local dealer for anything beyond routine service.
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    A post matinence run sheet is done after each time the truck is used. Our Chief Enginer does monthly checks on all trucks, and anything he can't fix is contracted out. And for our yearly inspections we have a DOT cert. company go over each piece of equipment with a fine tooth comb, and they do any repairs that are needed when they service the trucks.

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    also see here
    IACOJ both divisions and PROUD OF IT !
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