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    Angry Apparatus Designations...

    A few years back we incorporated our paramedic/firefighters onto the apparatus and this added staffing to 3/4 firefighters on all apparatus except for one company. The remaining company runs 2/2 on an engine and a medic unit. This is due to an agreement between our paid department and our volunteer bretheren in the same town. Our paramedic program cover's the entire city. Anyway, regardless, we designated our apparatus as Medic Quint 1, Medic Quint 3, Engine Medic 4, Tac Medic 2 (or Tac 2 Medic 2) etc. This designation is used because dispatch and other companies know the paramedic is still on board the apparatus. If we respond to a medical and the paramedic transports with the commercial ambulance service, we are out of service until the medic is back in service at the hospital etc. after stocking, paperwork etc.. If a "job" comes in, we'll usually go and do paperwork etc. later...If the medic transports out of town, we go available as ie. Quint 1 available BLS only. This designates us a fire unit and BLS unit and another medic apparatus will be dispatched with us for another ALS run. Does anyone out there designate their apparatus with medic in the name because of the apparatus being an ALS unit etc. or do you simply keep it as Ladder/Engine with a numerical regardless of whether or not a medic is on board?...

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    Since about 97% of our department are paramedics this does not really apply. We just use the standard numbering system all the time. We also provide transport service so we do not have to worry about an outside company. If a member of the fire crew goes to the hospital then we either follow them or go out of service until the member is returned to the station. It seems that the situation you are referring to can become a bit complex for all involved. Did I say Medic Quint ? or did I say Quint ? and was anyone paying attention?
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    In Toledo it makes no difference, you are engine truck squad whatever. Here in POC land we use "Medic(unit #)" indicating it is ALS ..........if leaves BLS then it is just "unit #" ..........also we are the only POC/Volly place to run an ALS Engine and Quint......we do not deisgnate medic or not on these units.
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