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    Default Quint Narrative

    We're going for a 75' Quint this year.
    It will be the ONLY ladder truck in the county.

    Can anyone let me look at successful Quint Grant narratives???

    I also wonder about the 3 & 4 story thing. We have a bunch of apartment complexes, several very large buildings in the Industrial park, and many two story homes with bedrooms or living space in the attics and/or "basements".
    Does this count as extra "floors" like in the NFIRS reports???

    I'd appreciate any help you can afford.

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    Marion I got two funded this year. Contact me offline ( See profile) and I will try to help you out here.
    Kurt Bradley
    Fire/EMS/EMA Grant Consultant
    " Never Trade Skill for Luck"

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    To answer your question, yes you will need a good amount of buildings in the 3 and 4+ story range to be competitive for any aerial apparatus.

    And depending on building type and occupancy load expectation is where the determination on what you can call a building in "stories" lies. A warehouse with a single "floor" but 20-25' ceilings is a 2 story warehouse.

    Basements with living spaces (bedrooms, rec rooms) etc, etc, do not count as a story as they are below grade. If an attic is finished and is now a bedroom or something else, it's no longer an attic. Deep in building construction lies the age old question of "3 story vs 2.5 story". This is why assessments are so important, and why I've been able to give departments the pros and cons for their apps for various projects. I work with an apparatus dealer that covers MS that offers free assistance with no strings attached, the only manufacturer to do so at this time. Easy way to have a proper assessment done to determine if it's the right truck for the right department.

    And yes, several funded over the years.

    - Brian

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    Default let's not forget

    to add a thought as someone who got rejected for quint this year and had sit down with the regional rep to find out why.

    A quint 76ft or less is considered a pumper and as such if you have a pumper that is new and/or newer, it will count against you. Becuase they consider it primairly a pumper it is looked at as asking for another one.

    The 4 story buildings is big in the scoring as well, not to say that large industrial complex etc. cant be explained in narrative.

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