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    Question Grandfathering Into Dept

    Hi - anyone know if it is possible to "grandfather" a paid EMT over to paid FF? This seems like it would not be legal especially if the EMT failed to pass the FF exam given earlier in the year.

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    Ive heard of this happening if the EMT was already working for the department that he/she is trying to go to fire side on.

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    Sounds like MEDIFF has an ax to grind...
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    I would agree that Kobersteen is on to something.

    Mediff - just a thought; Do you really want to work for a department who ha questionable (in your mind) hiring practices?

    If they do in fact skirt the issue of right and wrong on entry-level. just imagine what they do on promotional exams.

    At least now you do not have much invested in the way of having roots in the department. If you got close to getting hired here it demonstrates you are doing the right thing. IF the only reason you didn't get selected is through some questionable hiring practices, you can achieve the same results on a BETTER department.

    Lastly, departments often hire off an eligibility list. If my math is correct you should be next up to be hired. If, in fact this candidate did not pass the exam (again I don't have enough information) he or she may be terminated on probation. This would put you next up. However, if you handle this situation poorly, it doesn't matter how many people are on the list THEY WON'T HIRE YOU.

    You learn alot about yourself and others during adversity. This is officially your turn to deal with adversity. Handle it with dignity.

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