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    Default bad background/application?

    hey everyone, just to start off....thanks for any reply to this thread.

    i have only been applying to a few places over the past year, but i have been very busy with finishing up paramedic school. i have however taken good looks at many different departments applications and there obviously are a few questions that are pretty standard on all of them. some ask you in a different way than others. let me explain.... when i was 16 i lived in a small town and honestly there wasnt much better to do than to get into trouble. a few friends and i received MIP/MIC tickets from the local policeman. i am now in the last semester of college and have been cited 3 separate times for the same offense. i know that this looks terrible on a background check, even though all of the tickets were from when i was under 19. i also know that in the interviewing process they would like to see some type of restitution for your wrong doings. i have since been completely sober after the last ticket(i promise even though nobody would believe that). my question is, in some applications, it is asked, "have you ever committed any felonies?" and in others it says, " have you ever been cited for any offense other than minor non-moving traffic violations?". i don't necessarily feel that i am lying to one and not the other, but is that sort of thing checked out from the very beginning, or does that sort of ticket looked at more towards the time of the oral boards? and if so, how bad does that look(capt.bob especially?) i know that it is hard to believe someone saying that they are completely sober after being cited so many times, but i have. i have all of the rest of my ducks in a row, such as paramedic, experience, and such, so will this type of a background ruin my chances of landing a badge????

    Once again, thanks for any postings from all. sorry for the long thread....all is appreciated!


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    I may be the only one asking, but...

    What is MIP/MIC?
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    Minor in Posession??

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    If they dont ask for your posession charges on the application then dont mention them unless you think the app is asking for any charges you have ever gotten. Only answer what is asked. Even if they dont ask though in the application, they will find those charges in the background check most definitely. Then you have to face the music. If you get to the oral board or the psychological test, you will most definitely have to explain yourself. Its not impossible to get hired with these charges, but it definitly doesnt help you. Remember, every city is different. Also, I do not suggest lying about your charges in any stage of the process. If this is found out, you WILL get disqualified from the process.

    Hope this helps

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    Default Your best day

    and if so, how bad does that look

    It may or may not come up in the oral. But there will be more flaming hoops to jump through in addition to what you will be required to put down on the application. It will be difficult. Those responsible for the hiring process look for patterns. You must list the offenses on your background. If you don’t and they’re found it is immediate dismissal from the process. The psychologist will ask you some serious questions that if you can’t answer will keep from being considered.

    What can you say that will convince these powers to be to take a chance on you? Your current story is weak. Packing on more credentials, experience and becoming a medic might not be enough.

    Your best day is accepting full responsibility for you actions with:

    This is who I was.
    This is what changed.
    This is who I am now.

    To convince those that this will never, ever happen again.

    For some they are clouded and domed before they ever take their first step because of something in their past, job history, criminal record, credit, driving record or domestic violence. They still believe though that they have a shot. Then, they don't face it until it's staring them in the face at in the hiring process.

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