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    Default Shoulder Injury?

    I tore a muscle in my shoulder about 4 months ago and still receive treatment for it, but I still have strength and range of motion. I feel that the physcial agility test will not be a problem, but will the department have an issue with it being in my medical history.....the FD I'm thinking about applying for has its test in a couple of months. Should I be worried.


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    I would declare it during a entry-level medical exam and I would expect the agency's doctor to delve into it. Having said that if it's OK there will be no issue. If there are limitations you may find it a hurdle you will have to overcome.

    Once the agency hires you they own every ache and pain you have. They want to make sure they are not getting damaged goods.

    If they do fail you on your shoulder a letter from your doctor (specialist) usually overredes the agency's doctor.
    Paul Lepore
    Battalion Chief

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    Thanks for the reply Chief. Do you know what is involved in the actual medical exam? Is it similar to a "physical" that you would receive for sports or other activities ?

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