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    Default Possible New Slogans for Michigan

    • The one that looks like a mitten, you moron.
    • Where used cars from Florida bring top dollar.
    • No hurricanes here.
    • The Orange Barrel State.
    • So close to Canada you can hardly tell the difference.
    • We know the rules to euchre.
    • Got fudge?
    • Two Mystery Spots. No waiting.
    • Yes, the Porcupines are real mountains.
    • Soda? We say pop here, buddy.
    • The Midwestern "M" state without a wrestler for governor.
    • No riots since '67
    • More than just boarded up auto plants.
    • Casino fever -- catch it.
    • Sandy beaches without severe undertow.
    • Happiness is a warm pasty.
    • Imagine an island where horse manure still litters the streets.
    • Water enough for any drought.
    • Visit Hell, Paradise, Christmas and Climax. (Can do it all the same day!)
    • Birthplace of Meijer Thrifty Acres.
    • Where Ontario is a shortcut to New York.
    • Gerald Ford slept here.
    • It's called snow. Get used to it.
    • Where the names of high-toned suburbs needlessly end with "e."
    • Deer processing available here.
    • Not as flat as Indiana.
    • Try eating corn flakes without us.
    • Hardly any annoying lizards or poisonous snakes.
    • Big on flannel.
    • It's not the heat. It's the humidity.
    • Smoked fish sold here.
    • Good people with camping trailers.
    • We moved American history to Dearborn.
    • No toll roads and proud of it.
    • Our biggest bridge makes yours look puny.
    • Nearly went to war with Ohio once and will do it again if they pull any funny stuff.
    • Land of snow machines and bass boats.
    • #@?!* mosquitoes.
    • We know a place where wooden shoes are always in style.
    • Where lousy teams get new stadiums.
    • Speed limit is back up to 70, so move it!
    • The Red Wings State.
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    how about

    every state here who has their own peninsula raise your hand...

    that's what I thought
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