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    Default What profession evokes as much passion?

    Though still relatively new to this site, I have been thoroughly enjoying participating in many of the ongoing discussions. Although I may not always agree with some of the comments I have read, and there are those that may not agree with some of mine, I am constantly amazed at the amount of passion each of us have for our profession.

    Reading the comments and the sometimes heated exchanges between members, I can't help but wonder; what other profession could possibly evoke such passionate responses and strong emotions from its ranks. Not to mention the rich tradition and the incredible Brotherhood we all share. None that I can think of.

    Whether it is regarding fireground tactics, LODDs, what type of equipment we use, or any of the myriad other things related to the fire service, we all feel very strongly about our opinions, as well as about our chosen profession in general.

    There is one common thread though, which permeates virtually every post on this forum...Without a doubt, WE HAVE THE BEST DAMN JOB IN THE WORLD!!!!!

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    Talking Professional Passion?

    Usually for me it was the girls on the game in Recife, South America--1956 was a particularly memorable time. I was 16 and in the Merchant navy--need I go further?

    PS My shipmates got me ratfaced--honestly, Your Honour/Lordship/Officer-I didn't know what I was doing--but by crikey I bloody well enjoyed it.

    As for the Fire service bit --Quickly on a Red Truck wiv a ladder on top and with a great deal of noise and speed--not unlike the first experience minus the ladder and truck.

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