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    Default EMT-B... Class Required?

    Is the EMT-B class required to become an EMT-B or can you study on you rown and take examinations at test locations?

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    Its required bro in every state that I know of.

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    Never heard of that. NREMT-B requires 200 hrs. I think 84 hrs of class time,92 hours of lab time and 24 hours observation time. How could you even do labs if you dont know what your doing. Its not just book work its more hands on training then anything. This link might help.

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    Can't speak for everywhere, but Fairfax County, VA does require EMT-B to ride anything (except the Canteen truck). They teach it at the Fire Academy, however you can take it through one of the local colleges, not sure which one, and will give accreditation for it.

    I will be starting my class at the Academy 28 Feb, and will be 140hrs of classroom/practical study, ending with the State exam 1 Jun.
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    the NREMT requires you to complete a 120 hour EMT class and 10 hours of E.R. time to qualify to take the test. its not just reading the book, id say about the entire 2nd half of the course is hands on practical stuff that you would not be able to do on your own

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    Would you want someone who read about brain surgery out of a book or someone who went to pre-med, medical school, did an internship and residency before being allowed to operate on their own?
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    Quote Originally Posted by FFGH0s7
    Is the EMT-B class required to become an EMT-B or can you study on you rown and take examinations at test locations?
    Don't insult what I do by suggesting that you could learn it by reading a book.

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