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    Default Training for towing a haz-mat trailer

    I'm in despirate need for training materials for teaching people how to tow a trailer. My department has a 20' HM trailer and I am attempting to put together a training program on how to properly tow a vehicle. I've found some resources on the Net but I'm lacking some things, in particular some kind of driving course. If anyone has any ideas or knows where I can find a driving course for a vehicle towing a trailer, I would appreciate it if you could let me know.


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    I found a safety manual at pace trailer's website. Be interested to hear from others that have haz-mat or fire prevention trailers.
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    Go by your local DMV office and pick up a CDL Handbook. Use the "Combination" section to help you, and somewhere in there, it should have a course setup as to what you will have to do for the exam. You could use this setup as a practical to give some experience backing and manuvering the trailer. Just about anybody can tow a trailer, but it takes skill to back one.
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    We once used the VFIS driving course with the trailer, just change cone spacing to the length of the trailer and tow vehicle. Other then that just drive the thing.
    I have a semi license, and it just takes practice. We use a trailer with our dive team and for one class, DR2, the equipment and boat was needed every day of the class. Well after a week of using the trailer attached to a van as my personal vehicle I could drive or back it anywhere. Just practice and you'll get it.

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    We have a '35 haz-mat trailer pulled by a new f-550. There are only a handful of guys that can operate them in combination and these guys have a CDL. Recently my department made all the shift guys (we're combination) get their Missouri class 'B' CDL. We don't have any formal training on it. It has only been used a few times since we have had it and it's been the same driver all those times.

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