Early this AM -- no serious injuries from the report. The FF (Frank Raffa) is/was the President of the union local up there:

Firefighters jump from second floor


Fire broke out at a South Harlem Street house at about 4:45 am. Co-Owner and resident Dave Scwenke talks on his cell phone about his burned property. (T&G Staff/CHRISTINE PETERSON)

WORCESTERó Firefighters suffered a scare early today when two of their own were trapped inside a burning house. One jumped out from a second-floor window, and the other was rescued after a mayday call.

Lt. David Wondowloski and Firefighter Frank Raffa, of Rescue 1, were conducting a primary search for residents of the four-unit building at 8 South Harlem St., when flames erupted on the second floor.

Lt. Wondowloski jumped out the second-floor window at the front of the building. He suffered a sprained ankle. Firefighter Raffa made his way to the back of the building but was trapped, and he sounded a mayday call.

In a mayday call, firefighters battling the fire stop their duties and all resources are focused on rescuing the trapped firefighter.

A team put up a ladder to the second floor in the rear of the building and was able to rescue Firefighter Raffa. He suffered cuts to his hand from the window and received stitches.

District Chief Randy A. Chavoor said the incident was a scare for firefighters who are properly trained but still found themselves in trouble.

"They're both veteran firefighters and it was a tense situation," he said. "The place basically lit up."

He said Lt. Wondowloski later reported he "looked out the window, he dove out of and it was engulfed in fire."

Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the blaze, which began about 4:45 a.m. this morning. The two-and-a-half story wooden structure was destroyed, leaving nine people homeless. The building's two owners live there, and were on scene.