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    hey whats up everyone??? thanks for the ideas for my last post! just wondering im trying to find info on RIT training and such for my fire co i am trying to refine or team and get all the training needed and tools that we should have for a proper RIT. we run FAST teams on all structure fires but it seems like an area that isnt really payed attention to till its too late and i dont want things to come to that! why have someone get hurt or kill for us to realize we need a better RIT?? well if anyone has any good ideas or tips i would like to hear them!!!

    thanks again!

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    I would reach out to the Wall Fire Department in southern Monmouth County. They have a top-notch RIT/FAST team with specific members assigned for response. I hear the training is very rigorous. I'm sure they could give you many hints/advice to work with.

    Good luck.

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    Check out Fort Monmouth also, they have their own training facilities and the guys over there are pretty knowledgeable.

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    What part of South Jersey are you from? Camden County Fire Acadmey has a RIT class, but is best to look around to see what else is out there.
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    In the middle of the state I know Hunterdon Co. has some classes planned and Warren Co. usually runs one.
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    i know Camden County just had its first RIT Operations class last fall, and they are having one this spring (and i'm signed up for that one) my company runs RIT/FAST (whatever u want to call it) for a few towns, so it will be good training.

    RIT is definately an important part of the fire service, and i'm glad to see that academy training is starting to get more widely offered
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    If Imay say so ... I belive that Ocean County Fire Academy runs a great program. two parts FAST Awareness and FAST operations. Our Awareness class is 3 or 4 hours and covers the very basics, what tools are needeed and where you fall into the Incident Command System. Our Operations program is currently being overhauled and is expected to be 35-40 hours long when it is completed. It should be ready for the Fall 2006. Feel free to contact me if you would like more infomation
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    ive been looking into the very same thing, make sure you have the support of your higher ups as well as the membership, you cant very well get much done without people willing to do it. thats the first step is getting the people. ive been talking to a couple of departmens and most are very happy to help you get a FAST team started. also check out LOTS of helpful stuff.

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