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    Default Operations Level Equipment

    My department is looking at putting together a Haz-Mat trailer with equipment for Operations Level Response. I am looking for ideas for what we should be carrying.

    The goal of the unit is to be able to provide containment of spills and to be able to provide decon resources.

    If anyone can suggest items and quantities that we should purchase.

    Also, SOP information would be helpful as well.

    If you need more info to provide assistance please either post or send me a PM.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Basic metering-O2, flammable gas, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide. Meters for any special hazards in your area. A PID is a nice tool-great for checking gear after decon.

    Bags of absorbant, pads, booms, pigs, etc. Heavy duty garbage bags, brooms, shovels, and assorted hand tools.

    Are you doing emergency or technical decon? Usual decon equipment, sprayers, brushes, pools, etc.

    What type of suit and boots are you looking at?

    You may want to take a look at Lab Safety Sometimes they can be a little pricey, but the catalog can give you some ideas.
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    You may/may not want to look at non-sparking handtools since NFPA 472 states that HAZMAT Operational responders may enter the hazard area to attempt a rescue after a thorough (sp?) risk vs. benefit analysis. Depending on your department's SOPs regarding HAZMAT rescues, you might not want to waste the money.

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    Look at your area's history for some help. If you have an EMA / Homeland security office they may be able to help with an analysis of the area and what is likely to happen.
    Decon equipment is a must for our safety and the public, depending on space considerations you can get very carried away or just get the basics.
    Talk to the Haz Mat tech team in the area and find out how they do things since you may be working with them on larger incidents. It would be good to be compatable.

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