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    Quote Originally Posted by KnightnPBIArmor
    The book you are looking for is called "The Bravest of All", and it was published around 1973 by Little Golden Books. I still have my copy of it, and it was my favorite book when I was a little fellow. Neat story and really realistic artwork.
    That's the one! Thanks!
    Chris Gaylord
    Emergency Planner / Fire Captain, UC Santa Cruz FD

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    Quote Originally Posted by firedog049
    Safetypro and others, I also found this site that not only has a picture of the book cover, but also has the entire transcript of the text:
    [Wiping away a tear...] WOW! Just read it. What a great little story. You just don't seem to find too many humble people these days. Thanks for sharing it, firedog!

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