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    Post VisionAir RMS software

    Im trying to find other FDs who are using VisionAir as their RMS software. I am trying to get some information about their service contract and record with the Co.

    We have had them for about 5 years now and the software never has worked right. Ever time they due an update it gets worst.
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    We've had VisionAire for our dispatch/mapping system for almost a year, trying to get it to work. The dispatch portion seems okay, but the mapping function seems to quit as soon as our computer tech goes home. The computers in the rig rarely work, when they do it's even worse- As soon as you start to trust it, it throws info out from a call the day before. We have not been using the NFIRS part, still using FireSoft for that, but it's on the horizon.

    We've had so many problems, we have had techs from Visionaire stay in town for up to 2 weeks at a time to try to fix it. Then it works until they leave. Latest rumor is that VisionAire doesn't even return our calls anymore.

    If you want pm me , our union is looking into similar situations.

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