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    Default Anyone here in the national guard?

    I'm really thinking about joining the National Guard as a medic, my only concern is testing for departments. I understand I'll get preference points on the test but are the powers that be going to frown upon this because of the possibility of deployment? Also does someone know the laws about job security working for say a contract company, and deciding to join the guard? I understand they can't fire you but what if you are working for them and then decide to join the guard, same rules apply? Military service means a lot to me and I want to serve but not at the cost of a career... Any advice is appreciated.

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    im in the Marine Corps reserve and im activated and going to iraq in a couple weeks, i work for a contract paramedic service. The service is great about it and very understanding of the needs of reservists post 9/11. Hiring, i was selected to go to a local departments chiefs interview and it happened to be on the day my unit activated and i was completely turned down for the job, even though if i wasnt activated i would probably be working there now. also i have been turned down military points because i am a reservist and have not served 4 continous years of active duty( i have 4 1/2 years in the reserve) that kind of ****ed me off considering my *** will be on the line in a matter of weeks. but military service has its mixed blessings, i would not change anything that has happened reguarding testing, and departments will come once my tour is over and im back home.

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