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    As a member of the DFB and a full Irish man I've done alot or research into the origins of certain Brigade's and Department's and nearly 65% of US houses have some kind of Irish heritage attached to them....

    But by far the houses within the NY, Boston, Chicago, Savana are the most active within the Irish comunity.

    What was said in an earlyer post about the departments starting off as Volli is 100% correct and the fire houses being used as basically safe havens for any imagrants that were in trouble around that time is correct up until they became paid departments and thats why there is always a bar within 100 meters of any fire house, because most of those bars were opened originally by a retired or a family member of one of the crew that wanted to keep some of the guys around the station just in case of trouble ie: a new Irish imigrant who had gotten into troulbe with any other nationality and ran to the station as a safe house....which ment if there was any trouble there would always be extra fists around the corner so to speak. There was also alot of figthin within the different stations like small gangs themselves as was said whoever put out the fire got paid so if 2 companies arive at the same time they knocked the sh1t outa each other and most of the time out of a group of 20 men...by the time the figth was over there would only be 5 men still standing figthing the fire...hence the name *THE FIRE-FIGTHING IRISH*

    I have also asked in a previous thread about any within or close to a house of irish origin, but only got a small response back.
    Dublin Fire Brigade

    *The Fire-Fighting Irish*

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    And always remember to duck !!!!!

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    We're all Texan here

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    Okay...here's a twist. I live in Texas, my last name is English, and I'm Jewish!

    (Yee-haaaa, y'all...God save the bloody menorah!)

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    Talking olineng1isapuss

    Boy, I must have really wizzed in your cherios. God forbid I say something on a forum without being followed around by this guy. Who apparently needs to threaten people, to feel adequate and do so without a real identification. GO IRISH DAGOS AND KRAUTS GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. Oh wait a minute maybe I shouldn't have said anything at all because I haven't been granted the wisdom by OLINENG1ISAPUSS ( Oh I meant God sorry...)

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