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    Thumbs up Dad of Future Firefighter/EMT

    I'm the dad of a future firefighter/EMT here in Walled Lake, MI. My son is now going to Schoolcraft College for firefighting and then onto the EMT portion of his education. I have to tell you, that it scares the hell out of me that he picked this profesion but I honor his dreams and I am very proud of him for wanting to be able to help people. He is in his second week of training and so far just loves it. He loves the military atmosphere and comes home each night just babbering on and on about the days events. It is so cool hearing and seeing the excitement he has. He is 20 years old and has such a passion for firefighting.

    Actually just the other night, we had a fire in the basement of the apartments we live at and it was amazing to see him already jump into action and take control of the situation with what little he already learned until the actual fire department arrived.

    Any advice or knowlege you all could share would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to learning as much about firefighting as he does.
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    Camper Dad,
    My parents went through similar emotions you are feeling. The best advice I can give is try and remember that his training will keep him as safe as he can be. Also if you want to learn go through his book with him. If hes like every other Probie he will be eager to talk about the stuff he learned in class and to show he knows his stuff. Ask him questions about fire, firefighting, etc...

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    Did you guys force him to take a picture in his gear? I know my parents forced me to take a pic in my gear, and I gave the same ****ed off look in the picture. Now that damn picture is hanging on every refridgerator in my family.

    Anyways just try to remember the number one most important thing in the fire service is always firefighter safety. We risk a lot to save a lot, risk a little to save a little. We're not going to send firefighters into a fully involved building that is ready to colapse to save a person, because as morbid as this sounds if the house is in that bad of a condition the person has already passed away.

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    Send me an email... chaplain@iacoj.com I am in the Walled Lake area and would be happy to talk with you.

    Resident Chaplain of the IACOJ

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    Thumbs up You Now Have A Hero For A Son

    Congratulations, your son has decided to enter into a proffesion that he will be able to help the community and help save people's belonging's and lives. We are taught very early in our career that firefighter safety is #1 and I'm sure if your son's department is anything like the two I am on, he will have brothers and sisters to look after his safety. It's great you are so excited about his career move. My parents to this day (8 years into this proffesion) still worry. At first my father would not support my decision. As the years have gone on he has seen me grow into a Captain and saw me chosen to go to Louisiana to help with Katrina. He is so proud of me now that he realizes what I really do. Tell your so good luck and good job...

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    Thumbs up Dear Dad.

    I would like to say, your not the only one who is terrified of there sons and daughters becoming firefighters. Your son will be looked after and taken care of. If there is one thing I can say is that when we teach heroism back home we take alot pride and time in teaching it. So when the call comes in we are ready to act quickly and safely. When things are done safely we all come home. Remember his passion is your strength. God bless him and his new brothers on the deptartment.

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    a little bit into whats going through your sons head right now. as im going through the same thing. He wants to learn any and everything he can, so as to be accepted by those around him and to most of all get the job done as efficiently and safely as possible. i came into my house with no exeperience and am now going through fireII and love it. THe guys in my house are all now considered part of my family. They are all great guys and i can trust most all of them with my life. Like they said though, go through the book with your son, every bit of studying helps, also sign him up for the forums here as there is a wealth of knowledge here that you cannot put a price on.

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