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    Default How about a vehicle mounted generator?

    We plan to request funding for SCBA updates with new cylinders and LDH. We need scene lighting for our engine. Considering a 8 or 10K hydraulic generator with lights. Is a hydraulic generator an excess or should we go with a gas generator or not even request it?

    How does this fit in regards to priorities with our other items we are requesting.

    I don't want to drag 2 needs down with a "nice to have".

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    I don't want to drag 2 needs down with a "nice to have".
    PG 2005

    b) Equipment Acquisition:

    As such, we believe that this grant program will achieve the greatest benefits by providing funds to fire departments purchasing basic firefighting equipment before any other non-firefighting equipment. Equipment that has a direct effect on firefighters’ health and safety will receive a high competitive rating over equipment that has no such effect
    Equipment that does not have an effect on statutory compliance or voluntary compliance with a national standard will receive a lower competitive rating.
    The generator should not be included because it will have a lower priority over SCBA (highest) and LDH. Mix and matching priorities will only reduce your chances of success. Concentrate on the SCBA and LDH.

    Even your quote shows that the generator is not a high priority need. If it's a "nice to have" then it's not a real need based on a needs assessment.

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