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    Question Best CAD Systems

    We are a volunteer department looking to implement a mobile CAD system for our entire fleet. We are currently running Firehouse Software 6 to manage out records so we would like a solution that can interact with Firehouse. GIS and hydrant layers are easily obtainable. Here are some of the things that we are trying to accomplish:
    • Able to locate 1st, 2nd due hydrants based on location
    • Import images of locations
    • Whiteboard for Command notes/drawings
    • Displays Hazmat, previous incidents, notes for incident location
    • AVL and GPS
    • Chat capabilities
    • Large interface buttons
    • VERY user/firefighter friendly

    I was hoping you could advise me on some of the best products out there that have a mobile application. Thanks!!

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    CAD is Computer Aided Dispatch. Is your Dispatch center looking to get a new CAD system, or is your fire department looking to get new MDC's (Mobile Data Computers) that communicate with your Dispatch centers current CAD system?

    If your dispatch center is getting a new CAD system they should be collecting specs from prospective CAD vendors and they will make sure the new CAD works with the existing MDC's.

    If your department is looking to get new MDC's, you should be speaking with whoever is in charge of your Comm center as they SHOULD be able to help you pick out systems that can talk to each other.
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    I'm not sure who is the best, but I'll place my opinion that SPILLMAN Technologies out of Utah isn't. Be very wary if it looks like they are a possibility for you.
    It's like a rock, works well as a rock, but if you want it to do something that the spillman code writers don't think is a necessity, well, you've got a rock.

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    Check Into Interact911.com , Excellent Cad System , Does It All

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