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    Default Follow the money!

    As a Firefighter that watched the elections, I seen my International President put down President Bush on these grants. Instead of telling brother members how to get, or request these grants, He and the international (IAFF) side with President Bushs opponent. So now that we all know about these grants, I ask all members to follow the money, that has been granted to Fire Departments. My Town got a grant and is still closing fire houses due to lack of man power, daily WHY? The City I work for just got a million dollars, try to get something, answer no money in budget, well where did the million dollars go then, "GENERAL FUND", maybe, and then we the fire department gets whats left over. Could that be it?

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    Well the grant funds would have been for a specific purpose, which according to the list it's short of $1.2 million for equipment. Probably part of the reason they can't afford to keep houses open is part of the reason they couldn't buy the equipment.

    Too bad SAFER isn't the answer for staffing either. Day 1 of Year 6 will find lots of layoffs, just like the COPS program. So much for fixing a staffing problem, SAFER is only delaying the issue. The money needs to go back into the equipment and vehicle side. Just my .02.

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    Curious, the million dollars that you talk about...was it from the fire act. If so, that money is supposed to be used for the program that was applied for not placed in the General Fund for any purpose.

    If that is the case, the audit will show a misappropriation of funds which = jail time. Chiefs usually lose their jobs for this in a normal budget.

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