West Metro Fire Rescue,

Thank you so much for taking the time and making the effort to do the animal saves. I know everytime your foot hits the pavement (or ice/snow) you are at risk...I want you to know that what you are doing is appreciated.

I am an animal lover and have many that I have rescued from various situations,sometimes you get hurt (they don't understand what is wrong just that they are hurting/trapped,etc). Horses inparticular can panic in a trapped situation.

There was a horse in Albemarle County,Va that firefighters did a rescue on..the horse had become entangled in guidewires and was cut up and out of control,thrashing around...a vet came tranquilized the horse...firefighters had to turn the horse over and slide it out on its back. Everyone thought the equine was going to make it,then it succumbed to a heart attack later in the day.

Then there was a 2,000 lb draft horse-Yanick-that fell through the ice.A long story on that rescue,but the huge draft horse lived. It took a whole of effort and rehab to save it.

Lots of stories.

On behalf of those animals you took time to save,thank you.

I am a writer and writing/photography is my contribution to the Bravest,with my involvement in the fire service,I have seen many things,some miracles. But none of any of it would be have been possible if there weren't people like you,people who are dedicated,who are willing to train endless hours,who go without sleep,who sacrifice time from their families and friends,who sometimes work for little or no pay...but yet they give it all they have...

God bless you and watch over you always...

be safe,
Becky Robinette Wright
Fire/Rescue Media
Regular Media