Thread: Need pagers !!!

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    Question Need pagers !!!

    Hey our explorers need pagers, referably minitor II's. anybody know where i can find some used ones for under $150

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    Good luck with finding them for under $150, but you could always hit up:
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    Cool ebay

    try ebay you will have to get the crystals changed but its a start

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillFoster1
    try ebay you will have to get the crystals changed but its a start
    I would strongly recommend against this. Parts are so sparse now that it is getting more likely that you won't be able to have it converted to your frequency and tones.
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    Minitor II with tones, one freq, battery, charger, the whole works $159.95
    SV add $20
    Second freq + $10

    I bought mine there 5 years ago, still going strong.

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