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    Arrow Sagging Truck

    Replaced One Of Our Trucks Last Year With A New One. The Springs Are Dead Level In The Back And The Truck Is A Couple Of Inches Lower In The Rear Making It Look Silly When It's Sitting In Front Of The Station. The Gvw Is Maxed But Not Exceeded. What Problems Will This Cause Down The Road. Dealer Says He Sees No Problem At All But I Wonder 5 Years Down The Road When A Spring Brakes And The Warranty Is Gone What He Will Say. Not Going To Get Into Manufacturers Or Chassis Brands But I Will Say This. The Dealer Knew What Was Going On It And Was Supposed To Give Exact Replacement Unit Just New Chassis. The Old Unit (almost 30+ Years Old) Did Not Sag. Both Are Classed As Mini Pumpers. The New One Is 300 Gallons Short Of Water Than The Old One.

    Anybody Had That Same Problem?

    If So What Was The Solution?

    Helper Springs?

    Remove Equipment?

    Any Help Would Be Good!

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    You might be right at maxing out on your total GVW (not good by the way), but have you weighed each axle separately to make sure that the rear end isn't carrying more weight than it should? For instance you may have an overall GVW of 42,000lbs with a 18,000lb front end and a 24,000lb rear end. Sure, if your rig weighs 41,000lbs it is just under your total GVW but what if there is only 14,000lbs on the front axle while you are overloading the rear axle with 27,000lbs. See what I'm getting at?

    I hope this helps.

    I can't believe they actually pay me to do this!!!

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    Default weight

    I agree that a trip to a truck weigh station is in order to ascertain the split weight and the total weight. The weights should not exceed either axle and if the total weight is at peak then there is a problem brewing. Not only should the axle weights be exceeded or maxed out but the tires should be sized to correctly hold the given gvw and for each axle. Beefing up the springs isn't going to help safety if everything else is maxed. We actually had a manufacturer have to replace rear axles because what he had on was underrated. Let us know what you come up with.

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    Exclamation Wrong weght distributation??

    Sounds like your manufacturer screwed up in proper weight distributation on the frame/chassis(if your total GVW is in line that is). You state your current vehicle has 300 gallons less than the old my math (never the best) this is right at 2,500 lbs lighter than the old one depending on what equipment you added or took off the equipment list on the new one. Are the wheel bases the same or close to the same (which only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades) and does the dealer have certified EVTs to do the build?? Also, the front end being higher than the rear will hurt you in handling, tire wear, and brake wear (hope you have some type of retarder). A couple of departments I know of had similiar problems on "home made" rigs because although they calculated the total GVW right, they did not distribute the weight correctly. One of them had extra springs added to the rear to solve the problem, and one just gave up and sent it to a manufacturer to have it done "professionally" and it came back looking good with only a few minor modifications (one unit was a tanker/tender and one was a "midi" fast attack pumper). Please do not let the dealer tell you that the rear end sagging will not be a problem...the fact that the springs are flat right now means something is wrong somewhere!!!
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    Just about all of our engines have had the rear springs go sprung. They are just that, springs, and with all the weight, even though it don't exceed the limit, will cause them to sag.
    Lucky for use, we have our own repair shop with some real decent mechanics. They just cut the springs out all together and replace the whole works with an air-ride system.
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    Default Seagrave?

    Is it a Seagrave? A company up my way has a newer Seagrave and the *** end of the truck was sagging bad. Found stress cracks on the body from the poor weight distribution. Also the frame chasis was not strong enough to carry the weight on the back end of the truck. They had it corrected though and now it is o'k.

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