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    Default questions about ff challenge

    I'm interested in forming a team for the challenge. unable to find much info on the web. rules, regulations... etc. also does everyone on the team have to be from the same dpt.? help is appreciated!!!!!!!!!

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    I was part of the World Champion Women's team a couple of times from Canada. Out rules are the same and It's a great competition to participate in you'll meet great people and travel lots. Try www. ontargetchallenge.com or www.firefit.com all the specs are there and anyother advice on training you may have, just send me an e-mail at lisa.belanger@vaughan.ca Good Luck

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    Default FF Challengee

    You may also try the FCCs website at www.firefighter-challenge.com they have the schedule, rules, regs, etc. Also, look at the schedule and see if there is a competition coming to a location near you. I joined my departments team this year for the first time and am hooked. It is a very rewarding and personally challenging competition. You will find yourself constantly racing against yourself and your previous times. As far as a team goes, generally the team must fall under one chief from one dept or a single union. I dont know the specifics of this but all the teams I know of compete as their dept or their union. Feel free to email me back with any questions you may have. Good luck in your endevors!

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    But you dont have to have a team to compete. This happens only in the relay event. If you compete in the Tandem Relay your partner does not have to be from the same jurisdidction. I have been racing since 1993 and do so as an individual. Yes, thats 14 years with no one to train with, but the friends you will make in the challenge will be forever, right Lt. Blondie?

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