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    Default Hello All! Here from Slidell, Louisiana

    Hello all i am 17 and just starting to help out with Pearl River Fire Department as a Volunteer. I am part of the Auxiliary program till i turn 18 in a few months. Is there any thing that i can do to help me out so that i can be all i can be? (i am going to Volunteer, not looking to be paid)

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    As a new folunteer firefighter don't let anyone get you down in any way. Take any and all schooling that you can and as you get some time under your belt don't forget where you came from as you move up through the ranks. All the power to you and good luck!


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    All you can do it your best, get the training that is required and then some, don't lead you head get to big as you gain seniority and rank... Listen to the older guys, though all their joking and picking on the new guys - they are a very valuable training tool - use them...

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